POLITICO correspondent

Prior to joining the Irish Times, Naomi O’Leary was a correpsondent for POLITICO Europe. She reported on breaking news and wrote in-depth features, profiles, and investigations on current affairs in Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. You can read my stories here. Here is a selection:


Brexit and Northern Ireland

The collapse of the pound is pummeling EU businesses dependent on exports to the UK. The first to be hit were Irish mushroom farms. I travelled into rural Tipperary to meet those affected, and wrote this piece for Politico.

Brexit also reignited talk of a referendum to unify Ireland, as I wrote in this feature here.

The Netherlands

I travelled to the hometown of Geert Wilders to understand the radical rise of a man who won votes by stomping on political convention and ruled the news cycle from Twitter long before Donald Trump came along. “I don’t vote for my brother because I do believe he is playing a dangerous game,” Geert Wilders’ older brother Paul told me.

My profile for Politico.

My profile of Martin Bosma, the oldest and longest ally of the Dutch anti-Islam firebrand Geert Wilders.



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