O’Leary is the creator of the The Irish Passport podcast with Tim Mc Inerney, the critically acclaimed series on Irish culture, history and politics. The series blends the voices of ordinary people with interviews with top politicians and academics to tell the story of Ireland, past and present.

Our reviews

“It’s like an amazing library, with each episode a new book: you turn to stories that seem familiar, which you feel you’ve read before, only to find that there are entire chapters that were never even in the copy you owned. And then you discover other episodes, unknown worlds of poetry and politics – beautiful and heartbreaking to hear. If ever there was a podcast for the UK parliament to listen to, it’s this one. It should be piped over PAs into the House of Commons… remarkably even-handed.”

Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian

“Whether you’re already a diehard fan or dipping a toe in for the first time, Review has rounded up a host of great shows to keep you company… The Irish Passport (widely available) co-hosted by journalist Naomi O’Leary and British and Irish cultural history lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, covers politics, culture and current affairs. With almost 90 episodes under its green, white and orange belt so far, it offers a lively take on the headlines before digging into headline-adjacent stories….”

Henrietta McKervney, The Irish Independent

“Journalist Naomi O’Leary and Tim McInerney, a lecturer in British and Irish cultural history tell the story of Ireland in an intelligent and thoughtful way…. This is a podcast that truly deserves a listen.”

Nuala McCann, The Irish News

“A vital insight into Irish culture, politics and society at a critical time for this education around the world.”

Elaine Burke, Silicon Republic

“This show brilliantly combines conversational and narrative forms to create an upbeat, well-structured and very informative style.”

The Listener

“The Irish Passport Podcast started in 2017 and remained pretty peerless in 2018. Naomi O’Leary and Tim McInerney’s blend of journalism and history is the perfect antidote to an often nonsensical news cycle. They unpick current events, peeling back historical layers of meaning, getting to the heart of every issue rather than getting lost in the froth. It’s hard to highlight just one of the many excellent episodes this year. But their Brexit updates, especially the most recent, made me nod along vigorously and laugh out loud.”

Claire Mitchell, Slugger O’Toole


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