British politics

I covered UK news in one of its most turbulent periods, from the Scottish independence referendum to the vote for Brexit and its aftermath, as a correspondent for Agence France-Presse. Here are a selection of my stories:

The Brexit campaign

I was one of the earliest journalists to report that the Irish border posed a problem for Brexit, flagging the issue in a story co-written with Conor Barrins in April 2015, a year before the referendum was held.

I reported throughout the campaign and captured the scene for AFP as rival sides ahead of Britain’s referendum on European Union membership clashed in a passionate final debate to the roars of an audience of thousands in a London concert arena.

I was present at the spontaneous Westminster vigil in the immediate hours after the brutal murder of lawmaker Jo Cox, which halted campaigning days before Britain’s historic vote.

I also correctly predicted the result.

Elections and power struggles

I covered the 2015 general election, writing on the rise of UKIP and the cult of Churchill against a backdrop of rising poverty in the UK.

I reported as leadership battles consumed Britain’s political parties in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Trump in Scotland

I reported for AFP reported as Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump visited Scotland on the morning after Britain’s vote on whether to leave the European Union.

His comments praising Brexit made waves, and his press conference was interrupted by a comedian who scattered swastika-covered golf balls on the ground.

Trump gave most of his press conference in Scotland surrounded by these Nazi golf balls

— Naomi O’Leary ⚡️ (@NaomiOhReally) June 24, 2016

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